Random thoughts and pictures from my life as a Dominatrix and Goddess of Desire.
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I had been burned out on bondage for a while.  This recent shoot with Martine Phoenix was the first time in a really long time where I felt connected to the ropes again.  The results are beautiful.  She was so elegant, her energy was warm, open, inviting. She smiled when I started to put the ropes on  her body.  The mood was not that of a damsel, there was no despair,   It was pure joy and we both fed off it as we exchanged it back and forth - me with my rope and she with her body that housed it.

Ebony Goddess Martine Phoenix’s long, lean body is gradually covered with more and more rope, starting with a kikkou pattern down the front of her body and an elaborate box tie in the back. One of her legs is pulled up and secured to her thigh by her foot while her other leg is free for a mindfuck - even if she could stand up, she’d fall right over because of the way she’s tied, thus her free leg really does her no good. Cleave gag, beautiful elegant bondage that hugs Martine’s body perfectly.  Photography/Rigging : Julie Simone